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Classic Flower Arrangements






Classic Flower Arrangements A series of recent photographs capturing flowers scattered around Edinburgh over the past year. The stylized series welcomes the alternative and randomly selected Google Photo (assistant) app. The images are selected, cropped, filtered, and colorized with beautiful results. The alternates are welcomed and embraced.

Borough Market

8 Southwark Street
London, United Kingdom
I enjoyed documenting some of the outstanding food stalls at the Borough Market in London. We purchased several food items including: scotch egg, pork w/crakling, cured meats, coffee, flowers, cheese, dried fruit, vegetables, bread and several beers from the adjacent pub. I almost enjoyed photographing everything more than the purchase. While Philip Dorwart and Desiree Dorwart were not physically here in London with me, they certainly were in spirit.

This album is dedicated to Philip & Desiree Dorwart – and the chefs at Create Catering & The Dining Studio