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A Portion of Paul Was Left There

a portion of Paul was left there
beneath the bridge
from high above he came
down through the edge of branches
barely breaking his flight

a man struggles with his life
lying and twisted
legs protruding fractures
snapped in two
turned outward

i offered my coat
kept him elevated
kept him calm
kept him warm
kept him alive

like many before him
they too fell
they too lept
they too examined escape
many succeeded, others too failed

i was first, she came next
we stood over
left questioning
we had questions
Paul offered no clarity

quick into action
kept him still
kept him taking
kept him awake
kept him alive

the medics made attempts
they came prepared
i assisted long than comfort
applied pressure
implemented traction – twice

triage medicine
first aid responders
we made advances
tending to crisis
shifting electrodes and monitors

blood on my hands
blood saturates my coat
blood stains old stones
blood spattered the bridge
blood drains toward Leith

more arrived to carry him away
Paul survived that day
i question this fact
he lived, void of his attempt

Borough Market

8 Southwark Street
London, United Kingdom
I enjoyed documenting some of the outstanding food stalls at the Borough Market in London. We purchased several food items including: scotch egg, pork w/crakling, cured meats, coffee, flowers, cheese, dried fruit, vegetables, bread and several beers from the adjacent pub. I almost enjoyed photographing everything more than the purchase. While Philip Dorwart and Desiree Dorwart were not physically here in London with me, they certainly were in spirit.

This album is dedicated to Philip & Desiree Dorwart – and the chefs at Create Catering & The Dining Studio