The Wild West

Wild West Town

Wild West Cowboy Street

Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland

The reason for the Mexican – American refurbishment style was to provide an advertising feature for “The Great American Indoors”, a company trading Santa Fe style furniture in Morningside.
“The only place that worked was the cinema, but that was well before my time. The rest is just for show.”, says Brian McLochlin, who worked for a year in the carpentry of the Western Town. He points out that the Western style attracts quote a bit of attention and visitors, especially during the festival. John Edmund, agrees: “The Wild West style brings a lot of people in.”

Secret Edinburgh Map: The Guardian – Edinburgh

Wild West Morningside

One of the strangest places in Edinburgh, this little piece of the Wild West is tucked away in an alleyway off Springvalley Gardens in urbane Morningside. The attention to detail is really quite remarkable – there’s a saloon, a jail, stables, and even a Native American mural on one of the walls. You can almost hear the sound of spurs, the neigh of horses, and the gun shots ringing out in the street. But what’s it all doing there?